Are we in High School Musical?..


University school musical, but you get it. 

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Hello to you too Troy Bolton.


Let’s be real, he’s ever basketball player’s inspiration.


Okay. Well whens basketball season?image

In a few weeks. Closer to the end of football season. 

I’ll cheer you on. Goodluck.


It’s not basketball season, I was just singing. 


I love to bake


Hey man, stick to the status quo. 


You have a game today?


Nah, just  channeling my inner Zac Efron.


You tell ‘em


My head’s in the game but my heart’s in the song. 

Getcha getcha head in the game.

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Alright. I’ll get you ice. Need anything else?image

Hmm, I think that’ll do for now. You’ll stay though, right? Make sure I’m not concussed or anything?

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