Alright. I’ll get you ice. Need anything else?image

Hmm, I think that’ll do for now. You’ll stay though, right? Make sure I’m not concussed or anything?

# hiii

Title: Murda Bizness
Artist: Iggy Azalea
Played: 42455 times


Ouch! Well you okay? Need ice?image

Yeah, actually I do. 

Hey Hi Hello


Apparently. You’re still sarcastic?

Wouldn’t change for the world. 


Having such a lovely time with my mom. I never want her to leave.image

Yeh, my mom’s pretty cool too. 

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I think this weekend is a perfect opportunity to stay in bed all day and catch up on some schoolwork. Or sleep. Sleep sounds better.


Or drink. Drinking sounds better.

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Parents weekend… the one time in my life I am thankful I have no clue who my parents are.

Why the hell would you say that?


I want a mini dinosaur as a pet. Cats are so 2013. Dinos are retro.


Hey Hi Hello


I really need to get out more..

You still exist?