Title: Bonfire.
Artist: Childish Gambino.
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you hate me but you will respect.


Do you usually go around telling people to shave their back hair?


I’m incredibly hygienic. 


I don’t believe my back is hairy..

Did you check?

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Right, distracted, that makes sense. Distracted with what? Miles, you sure are into playing 20 questions tonight, aren’t you?

Distracted with everything else in my life. If this was twenty questions, I’d get to ask you a question now.


Looks can be deceiving..


There’s nothing deceiving about a nerd like you. 

So how are you?

Uh, alright? Way to change the subject. 


I really don’t.

Since when?


Wait do they make razors long enough for that?


You tell me. Have you tried?


Well then.


You should be better about that. 


Ohh I guess that makes sense?

That it does, Kins.